Have you received a letter of formal notice ? Do something about it!

Several options are possible :

  • You indeed owe this sum of money and you have the financial resources to pay: pay your debt on our account as quickly as possible in order to minimize any fees.
  • You indeed owe this sum of money but you do not have sufficient financial resources to pay: contact us now to request a payment in several installments. If your financial problems are structural, contact your city’s social assistance center for help. They can help you to manage your budget or guide you to obtain a collective payment of debts.
  • You contest the debt mentioned in the formal notice and are not willing to pay: notify us immediately and send us the supporting documents (proof of payment, a letter in which you explain that there has been an error in the order or invoice, complaint to the local police regarding identity theft, etc.). Otherwise, you may be summoned to court.

I am no longer able to pay… What can I do ?

As a physical person (non-professional), you can consider filing an application before the judge for a collective payment of debts. If the judge authorizes such a procedure, your debts will be grouped together. A mediator will be appointed and they will try to find a debt repayment plan. As soon as this procedure is authorized, enforcement measures will be suspended.
(source CNHB)

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