How much are a Judicial Officer’s fees ?

In civil and commercial matters, the Judicial Officer’s service fees are legally set by the arrêté royal du 30 novembre 1976. Therefore, every service provided by a Judicial Officer corresponds to a fixed and definable fee. The cost of an intervention can therefore vary depending on the service and complexity of the case. If you request the services of Judicial Officer, they will often ask you to make an advance payment. Afterwards, they will try to recover the advanced sums from the convcted debtor unless they have rendered a service that is not part of their judicial mission. Before mandating a Judicial Officer, you can always contact him or her to find out approximately how much the fees will be.

Do I have to pay VAT when I mandate a Judicial Officer ?

Judicial Officers are indeed subject to VAT since January 1, 2012. A 21% VAT rate is now added to Judicial Officer fees.

(source CNHB)

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