INTERMEDIANCE Research and Documentation Center

Our Research and Documentation Center helps to create, promote, develop and coordinate the work of our group in legal and technical terms as well as in the domains of art, communications and human sciences to best serve the interests of litigants.

The Research and Documentation Center supports INTERMEDIANCE through analyses, tools, templates and statistics.

Research departments


Among other things, the Legal Department is responsible for a legal database and studies of new internal and European legal provisions. It also produces legal research, analysis and publications …


The Communications Department conducts research and simplifies judicial language, optimizes communication methods, develops and uses communication tools and designs the continuous training of our personnel.


Among other things, the IT Department is responsible for implementing new applications and technologies, designing automated reporting and statistical models and ensuring that we always use the latest, leading edge technologies.

Human and Social Sciences

The Human and Social Sciences Department undertakes sociological, philosophical and psychological studies with regards to our mission as Judicial Officers.  This department focuses on human rights and in particular on social and economic discrimination. In addition, it monitors wellbeing in the workplace and ensures that we use apprpriate management methods.


The Art Department focuses on art history, stylistic analyses and scientific techniques in the appraisal of artworks (forensic imaging, physico-chemical analyses, radiocarbon dating…). It also closely monitors the art market.

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