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What can I do to recover a debt ?

To limit procedure costs as much as possible, we will first try to recover the money through an amicable agreement. To do this, we will send a letter of formal notice to the debtor in which we ask them to pay their debt within a given period.

How much are a Judicial Officer’s fees ?

In civil and commercial matters, the Judicial Officer’s service fees are legally set by the Royal Decree of 30 November 1976. Therefore, every service provided by a Judicial Officer corresponds to a fixed and definable fee.

Sold for 27.000 euros !

An exceptional Cadillac, once belonging to King Leopold III of Belgium, was sold for 27.000 euro during an auction organized by INTERMEDIANCE in Namur.

Drawing lots for access to restricted disciplines in higher education subject to quotas.

Students who are non-residents of Belgium and allowed to enroll in the restricted medical and paramedical disciplines of higher education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation were selected by drawing lots on Monday, 27 August 2018. Out of a total of 3943 submitted applications, 1187 were admitted. Candidates had on average a one-in-three chance of being selected.

Uncontested Claims

Discover INTERMEDIANCE’s solutions for the recovery of uncontested claims (R.U.C.C.)


INTERMEDIANCE is the only firm of Judicial Officers in Belgium specialized in art valuations. We also organize public auctions.


INTERMEDIANCE has innovative and safe solutions for establishing formal reports via the Internet. These are useful in the event of cyberbullying, to protect your copyright or in the event of online identity theft.

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