INTERMEDIANCE the legal partner of companies, institutions and individuals.

The size of our structure allows us to act quickly everywhere in Belgium as well as abroad. We provide you with one single local contact and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure complete transparency of all your files.


INTERMEDIANCE consists of 28 certificated, deputy and trainee Judicial Officers, a Research Center Director, an IT Manager, lawyers, specialized staff and PARTNER Judicial Officers.

Areas of expertise

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1. Mediation

We strive to quickly reconcile the sometimes divergent interests of all parties (thus avoiding unnecessary fees). With full respect for everyone involved, we establish a relationship of trust, which is necessary to effectively resolve disputes.

2. Customized solutions

We help debtors to free themselves from debt through personalized solutions. In this way, we improve the financial soundness of our creditor clients.

3. Using cutting edge technologies

We make our clients’ lives easier by offering them online services such as access to their file via our website. New technologies create new challenges. We are here to help if you are the victim of cyberbullying or identity theft.

4. Advice and support

We are your trusted third party and we are attentive to the needs of all parties concerned, providing them with impartial advice.

Our research center

The INTERMEDIANCE Research and Documentation Center (CEDI) focuses on the continuous improvement of our services and the evolution of the Judicial Officer profession. This research unit studies judicial officer practices in other countries, legal and tax developments, new technologies, competition law, public procurement, art…

Meet our 
Judicial Officers

We look forward to hearing from you and offering our best advice. Do you have a question or a problem ? Contact us ! We are happy to advise you or help you to find a customized solution.

Judicial Officers
Jean-Fabien DE CLERCQ
Judicial Officers
Jacqueline DUCHATEAU
Judicial Officers

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